Gumbase (natural)

Gumbase is the “official” name used on declarations but the original name is chiclé. Chiclé is a gift from the Mayan culture. It originates from jungles in Mexico and Central America - more than two thousand years ago. It is obtained from the sap of the Manilkara tree of the sapotaceae family and collected from several species of trees. The best-known species are balatá, chiclé and sapodilla.

​The activity of extracting the chiclé is a completely sustainable social and ecological process. It is 100 % natural as the extraction is performed on trees which have their birth and natural development in forests without human intervention. The extraction process does not harm the trees.

Through a rigorous eco-forestry control system, the Ministry of Ecology only selects and permits individuals to be involved in the harvesting who have been through special studies/education. Hereby the local chicleros are supported and a strong native culture maintained.