just-mints® Organic Mints

Back II Basics has succeeded in developing a well tasting organic mint based on organic sugar. It has been eco-certified in Europe, USA and Japan. It comes in several well tasting flavours. Each of the ingredients has been selected after long and thorough research to ensure these are certified organic and/or 100% natural - and gives the best possible product quality.

Our standard range consists of three flavours – peppermint, orange and liquorice. But more flavours are in the pipeline! 

Compared to conventional mints, just-mints® does only contain organic ingredients except a flavour related ingredients which are “only” natural.

  • Sugar: In some cases raw cane sugar and always from certified farming

    Glucose Syrup: From certified farming

    Flavours: Natural essential oils and flavours

    Concentrates: Our fruit and vegetable juice concentrates (mostly organic) deliver flavour, colour and desired sweetness

    Citric Acid: Natural based and used in fruit flavours

    Carnauba Wax: From certified farming (glazing agent)